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Updated April 19, 2018


The Annual Meeting of the Three Meadows Association was held on THURSDAY, MARCH 22, 2018 AT 7 PM, AT ABUNDANT LIFE #2, 200 Zoar Drive, Perrysburg.  The agenda did include:  2017 financial and 2018 budget information, creek clean up, garage sale and NEW Facebook Group Communication information.


The Grassy Creek Clean Up is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 21st, beginning at 9 am, meeting at the corner of Oak Knoll Drive & Applewood Drive.  However, the creek is in good shape at this time, but will be looked at before this date to see what needs to be done to keep it clean and free of debris.  Both the City of Perrysburg and Envirocare Tree Division help us with the project.  However, we do need more resident participation, not only from those that live along the creek, but those who live in the subdivision and are capable of physically helping. 

Our community garage sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 19, 2018.  We will again advertise in the Perrysburg Messenger Journal, the Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune, and the Toledo Blade.  Hours are advertised as 9 am to 3 pm.  Signs will be put up at intersections to direct people.  Please make sure you have balloons, a sign, or something to indicate that your house is participating in the garage sale. Please call the office and indicate that you want to participate so that we have your address listed in the flyer that is printed.


Watch for NEWSLETTER WITH DUES BILLING INCLUDED - coming out May 1, 2018





Sidewalk maintenance – Snow & ice is to be removed from sidewalks within 24 hours of a “weather event”.  Remember, the sidewalk in front of your home, as well as that beside or behind your home is your responsibility, especially those that border Three Meadows Drive along the brown board fence. 


Mailbox maintenance – After this “brutal” .winter weather, many of our mailboxes, street signs and sign posts will be in need of repair or replacement.  When spring finally gets here, and it will get here sooner rather than later, call the office with your mailbox.


Toters – Just a reminder that the recycle and trash toters are to be stored inside your garage (or concealed from both your neighbors and the street if unable to fit in your garage).



The contact information for Three Meadows Subdivision Association is as follows:


PO Box 14

Perrysburg, OH 43552-0014