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Three Meadows Sub-division Association

Annual Meeting - March 22, 2018


Present: Tom Berkebile, President, Ed Eck, Jeff Long, Keith Whitacre, Andy Boedeker, and Joyce Williams. Murray Patterson and Ted Weaver were excused. Twelve owners/residents were in attendance.

The Annual meeting of the Three Meadows Homeowner's Association was called to order by President, Tom Berkebile at 7:00 pm on March 22, 2018, with eighteen residents in attendance. Tom introduced our newest board member, Andrew Boedeker, who lives on Briarwood Circle, and then each board introduced themselves. Tom Berkebile thanked Richard Strope for his expertise on our Web site and volunteering his services again this year. Jaye French, who is our lawn contractor, was introduced. Our new maintenance supervisor, Martine Fontaine, was not in attendance. Joyce read a few highlights from the 2017 Annual meeting. Judy Thompson moved, seconded by Bob Turain to accept the minutes. Motion carried.

Late last summer, Jake Grover resigned as our Maintenance Supervisor and Martine Fontaine took over the responsibilities. However, it was determined later that Mr. Fontaine does not wish to continue those duties. Therefore, the Board Amended the minutes of the Annual meeting to remove his name as Maintenance Supervisor. The Board has instituted a Pre-Pay plan for mailboxes, in that you call the office & order a new mailbox or repairs & the Office Manager will mail you a form which will include further instructions.

The painting projects done in 2017 included: 1) the concrete wall at the front entrance of Three Meadows Sub-division, as well as along Three Meadows Drive on both sides. Both Colonial Acres apartments ($570.50) and Tomahawk Development Corporation ($373.50) paid a portion of the labor and paint. The net cost to the association was $2,065.72. 2) the board fences and guardrails along Three Meadows Drive were also painted at a cost of $1,348.88. 3) the bridge at White Road & Oak Knoll Drive, which is owned by the City of Perrysburg was repaired by the City and then included in the painting project with the board fences.

Under Grounds & Maintenance: We would again like to try to see what we can do to make the cul-de-sacs look better, which will include hiring Jeff Martin to use liquid weed control spray on all ten (10) cul-de-sacs. If we do any further plantings, it would probably have to be in the early fall, due to the watering issue needed for new plants. The Board is checking on the walking path along the creek and at the bridge for replacement of sidewalk slabs or the possibility of re-routing part of the path that is slanting toward the creek. This may be a leveling issues or a re-directing issue with the sidewalk.

The 2017 actual income & expenses were distributed, as well as a projected budget for 2018. Areas over the estimated 2017 budget included the signs/fences (due to painting), office supplies & postage (a necessary evil) and slightly over on tree maintenance (hard to estimate). Bob Turin moved, seconded by Janet Pena to accept the 2017 income & expenses and the 2018 budget as presented. Motion carried.

The Annual Subdivision Garage sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 19, 2018 with hours advertised from 9 am to 3 pm. Ads will again be published in the Perrysburg Messenger Journal, The Bowling Green Sentinel Tribute, The Toledo Blade, our Web Site and on the New Face Book Group Communication page. Please call the office and leave your name, address and phone number to be included in the garage sale.

The Grassy Creek Clean Up is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 21st, beginning at 9 am, meeting at the corner of Oak Knoll Drive & Applewood Drive. However, the creek is in good shape at this time, but will be looked at before this date to see what needs to be done to keep it clean and free of debris. Both the City of Perrysburg and Envirocare Tree Division help us with the project. However, we do need more resident participation, not only from those that live along the creek, but those who live in the subdivision and are capable of physically helping.

The Annual Association dues will remain the same as in the past: $70.00 for single family homes; $43.75 for condominiums; and $27.50 for apartments (which the owners of the buildings pay as one lump sum). The dues billing will again be in the Newsletter, which will be published about May 1, 2018 and dues are due by June 10th.

Under Old Business: Tom discussed the fact that the City went through and put up metal posts with "No Parking in the cul-de-sacs" signs in several of our circles. Some of the cul-de-sacs have as many as four (4) signs in each circle (a little more than necessary). We need to replace those metal posts with wood posts, as all other signs in the sub-division are on wood posts. However, a resident suggested that we inquire at the Mayor's office and the City Council to see if the number of signs can be changed (small cul-de-sacs with 4 signs each seems like too many signs). The President and/or the Office Manager will check into this possibility.

Under New Business: Ed has been instrumental in working on and presenting a Face Book Group Communication page for the Three Meadows Sub-division. A group was created instead of a page because it can be better controlled and is only visible to members It is a closed group to only Three Meadows residents. The group is controlled by three administrators, who can approve\block members and review\approve\remove posts. When someone wants to join the group, they would have to give their name, address so the admins can confirm or deny their membership. This way, the resident posts can be reviewed so that it would not become a negative, complaining site for residents to voice their discontentment. Rather, it would communicate things like a lost or found pet, stolen or found items (like bikes, skateboards, basketball or soccer balls, etc.), reported vandalism in the subdivision or any suspicious persons or activity in the area. Events can be created to promote activities in the community like the garage sale, HOA meeting and creek clean up. When an event is created, it will also provide reminders to the members of that event.

There was not any discussion/complaints other than the normal toters being stored outside of resident's garages and mailboxes that need replaced or repaired (but since that is at the resident's expense, rather difficult to enforce). The Office Manager does send post cards to residents asking them to repair or replace their mailbox, as well as reminders to those that leave the toters outside.

There being no further business, Judy Thompson moved to adjourn, seconded by Bob Turain. Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Joyce Williams, Office Manager

April 12, 2018, Keith Whitacre moved to amend the minutes of the March 22, 2018 Annual meeting to remove Martine Fontaine 's name as new Maintenance Supervisor; 2nd by Murray Patterson. All board members voted electronically and the motion was carried. Therefore, these minutes have been amended in the third paragraph above. Mr. Fontaine is no longer interested in doing our work.


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