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Three  Meadows  Sub-division  Association

Annual Meeting, held at Abundant Life II

March 20, 2014

            John Foster, President, welcomed the twenty-four (24) residents in attendance (including five board members and the Office Manager).  Excused were Murray Patterson, board member and Jake Grover, Maintenance Supervisor.  Each board member then introduced themselves.  

            Matthew Sutter moved, seconded by Dawn Dennis to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last Annual Meeting.  Motion carried.

            Questions were answered on various parts of the financial report from 2013, as well as the budget figures for 2014.  Areas of the budget that were increased were legal, lawn care & trimming, sign and fence maintenance and tree maintenance.  Item to be looked at this year is the sidewalk on the walking path (some concrete slabs need to be leveled or replaced).  At this time the foot bridge over the Grassy Creek has no major problems as most of the construction is of steel beams and concrete, but the wood structure part of the bridge may have to be replaced in the future.  The Contingency Fund could be used for these items and it would not be necessary to increase dues.  The wood parts of the bridge may need to be re-stained and re-sealed at some point.  We could inquire about pricing of individual concrete slabs for the walking path and replace in phases.  We still have many trees (possibly 40) from the priority list to handle this year, so therefore, the tree maintenance budget was increased.  Anne May Robbins moved to accept the budget as presented, seconded by Theresa Witt, Motion carried.

            The Garage Sale for the Association residents was discussed.  Even though participation was down last year, the majority of those in attendance voted to have the garage sale again this year.  However on the 2014 dues billing, there will be information about future garage sales as to whether to hold again in 2015 or cancel.  Saturday, May 17th was chosen for the date of the sale and open from 9:00 am. until 3:00 pm.  Please call the office by Tuesday, May 13th and leave your name and address to be included in the information flayer that will be distributed listing those participating in the sale.  Advertising will be placed in the Messenger Journal, Toledo Blade, and the Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune. 

            Tom Berkebile reported that the Grassy Creek Clean Up will probably be needed this year, as it was not done last year.  Two dates were available; Saturday, April 26th or Saturday, May 3rd.  Volunteers are needed to keep the creek cleaned up so there is no debris causing water flow stoppage.  A sign up sheet was passed around, however no one signed up at the meeting.  Information will be in the Newsletter, which will go out about two (2) weeks earlier, around April 16th. 

            The Annual Dues assessments for this year will remain the same:  $70.00 for homes, $43.75 for condominiums, and $27.50 for apartments.  Billing will be with the Newsletter and are due by June 10, 2014. 

            There was no old business to discuss.            

            Under new business:  the new city toters which, according to our regulations, must be stored in the garage.  There was discussion and many complaints about residents not abiding by this rule.  In surveying the area, many residents are leaving them sit out in front of their garage or beside their garage.  The best remedy is for neighbors to talk to neighbors and ask politely that toters be stored in the garage.  If that is totally impossible, it is okay to have the toters concealed from both the front of the house and the neighbors via a “shrub type fence” or a “small board fence”.  Residents can call the City of Perrysburg and request the smaller toters (and maybe trade their 96 gal. for a 48 gal toter). 

            Mary McConnell from The Manor inquired about new signage at the front entrance at Route 20/Fremont Pike, that would include a sign with an arrow for The Manor.  The board suggested that she first inquire with the City of Perrysburg and then Mr. Ed Koch, owner of Perrysburg Meadows Group (the apartments at that intersection). 

            There being no further business, Anna May Robbins moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Matthew Sutter.  Motion carried.         


            Respectfully submitted,

            Joyce Williams, Office Manager