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Three  Meadows  Sub-division  Association

Annual Meeting, held at Abundant Life II

March 26, 2015

        Tom Robbins, President, welcomed the twenty-four (24) residents in attendance (plus six board members and the Office Manager).  Excused were Wally Bell and Keith Whitacre, board member and Jake Grover, Maintenance Supervisor.  Each board member then introduced themselves.  

        Bob Turain moved, seconded by Roy Lessing to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the last Annual Meeting.  Motion carried.

         Jake Grover's maintenance report was read by Joyce Williams.  There were 16 new mailboxes made and installed in 2013 and 21 new mailboxes made and installed in 2014.  Prices for the mailboxes remain the same since 2005.  Jake replaced 4 stop signs and 1 no parking sign and 3 street signs due to accidents or winter weather issues.  Jake put up about 30 garage sale direction signs and picked up all but 3, that were stolen.  Jake spent 12 hours trimming along the walking path by the creek and 4 hours doing maintenance on the front entrance sign area (mulch & cleaning). For 2015, Jake has about 10 street signs that need to be replaced, a broken board on the fence along Three Meadows Drive, and continue painting sign posts.  Also will check on signs (one way & no parking) that have come down over the winter.  Reminder to residents that Jake is not a full time employee.  He works for the association after his regular contracting work is done during the week or on week ends.

       Jaye French has been contracted again this year for the mowing, trimming, and fertilization of our common areas.

        Joyce Williams pointed out some of the expenses in 2014 that were considered higher than normal – printing of post cards for notification of the Annual meeting, post card size billing invoices, notices on post cards about mailbox and toter violations and extra Newsletters printed;  tree maintenance was extremely higher due to the take down of 34 dead ash bore trees that had been marked for take down; and the Web site renewal was for a two year contract as opposed to just a one year.  Joyce also pointed out the outstanding dues as of this date and that liens have been filed in 2014 on two residents and several residents are in danger of having liens filed this year if no payment is received.  Budget figures for 2015 were projected close to that of 2014.  Judy Thompson moved to accept the budget as presented, seconded by Karen Petersen.  Motion carried.  The overages in the account are partly due to old balances being paid up, late fees being received on those old balances, and receiving dues timely.  Future expenses of tree and bridge maintenance will be costly and we need to keep our balance high so that no increases in dues would be needed. Questions and discussions on various subjects: speed limit signs on Three Meadows Dr, toters again not being stored in garages, mailboxes in need of repair, split rail fences, outbuildings (sheds),  street lights on Three Meadows Dr., and changing the “logo” and colors for all the signs and mailboxes.  The board explained the process and what is involved in making any changes to the By Laws. 

        Last year we did survey with annual dues billing asking if residents wanted to continue having the garage sale.  Overwhelmingly residents wanted the garage sale.  Therefore, the garage sale will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2015 from 9 am to 3 pm.  Again this year the Association will place ads in the Toledo Blade,  The Perrysburg Messenger Journal, and the Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune and place signs on street corners to help direct traffic.  Residents are asked to call the office by Thursday, May 14th to place your address on the list of garage sale participants. 

        Tom Berkebile reported on Grassy Creek clean up and dumping issues which occurred last year.  The Association received a letter from the City of Perrysburg regarding the continuing project of creek clean up and to remind residents of no dumping in the creek, along the creek bed, on in and along the watershed behind Sandalwood  West.  The City also recommended no stacking of firewood along the creek.  Tom reported that dumping of grass and branches had occurred in our common areas between  Apple Creek Dr and Exeter Dr.  Dumping is illegal and if anyone sees this going on, go tell the person or call the police.  Grassy Creek clean up day will be held on Saturday, April 25, 2015 from 8 am to noon.  We will meet at the intersection of Oak Knoll Dr and Applewood Dr.  Envirocare will again assist us with two men and extra equipment. 

        Dues for 2015 will remain the same:  homes @ $70.00;  condominiums @ $43.75;  and apartments @ $27.50.  The dues billing will be included in the Newsletter, which will be mailed April 15, 2015 and dues are due by June 10, 2015.  It was suggested that the outside cover of the Newsletter be printed on yellow paper so that residents notice it and not discard it. 

       Under old business, it was recommended last year that we check into sidewalk maintenance of the walking path along the creek.  However, we failed to do that last year, so it is a priority for 2015.  Last year at the Annual meeting it was mentioned that a scout MIGHT be interested in building a second bridge over Grassy Creek.  The board announced that no new bridge is under consideration.

       Under new business:  Matthew Sutter moved that the board explore the purchase of Officers & Directors Insurance with a premium not to exceed $1,000.00 per year, seconded by Dean Barley.  Motion carried. 

       Tom Robbins introduced Ed Eck (700 Oak Knoll Dr), Ted Weaver (900 Oak Knoll Dr), and Keith Whitacre (911 Mill Rd), who was unable to attend tonight's meeting.  These gentlemen have expressed an interest in serving on the board and the present board members have met with them and approved and recommended them to join the Board of Trustees.  Bob Turain moved, seconded by Matthew Sutter that these gentlemen be approved.  Motion carried by a show of hands, which was unanimous.   

        There being no further business, Roy Lessing moved to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Matthew Sutter.  Motion carried.          

       Respectfully submitted,

       Joyce Williams, Office Manager


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