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Three Meadows Sub-division Association

Annual Meeting

March 23, 2017

Present: Tom Berkebile, Ed Eck, Jeff Long, Tom Robbins, Keith Whitacre, Jake Grover, and Joyce Williams were present.  Murray Patterson and Ted Weaver were excused.  Twenty-three residents were in attendance.

The Annual meeting of the Three Meadows Homeowner's Association was called to order at 7:00 pm on March 23, 2017. Meeting began with each board introducing themselves.  Tom Robbins thanked Richard Strope for his expertise on our Web site and volunteering his services.  Jaye French, who is our lawn contractor could not be here tonight due to a death in the family.  Matthew Sutter moved, seconded by Judie Hammye to dispense with the reading of the minutes of the 2016 Annual meeting.  Motion carried.  

Jake Grover, Maintenance Supervisor reported that there were no major maintenance projects this past  year.  We were going to paint the board fences last year, but postponed that expense until the major bridge work was done, as we were not sure the cost of the bridge repair.  Jake reported that he did replace 17 street signs.  After the bridge was repaired. Jake painted the bridge.  Projects for 2017 include painting the concrete wall at the front entrance and the wall on both sides of Three Meadows Dr. at the front entrance.  Also going to paint the board fences this year, as well as the City of Perrysburg bridge at White Rd. & Oak Knoll Dr.  It is owned by the City and they did some repair work to it, so we will paint it while we are doing the other painting.  The City helps our HOA in many ways, so we can help them also.  

Jeff Long and Ed Eck reported on the major bridge repair work that was done last fall.  When the creek clean up was done in April, we found that 3 of the steel beams in the water were rusted and the concrete was crumbling.  It was not a safety issue at that time, but a repair needed to be done as soon as possible.  Rick Gray Masonry Contractor completed the work in about three weeks.  It included of course, taking out all the concrete and steel that was there.  He replaced with large concrete pillars that were in the water, with steel beams then placed on top of the concrete and anchored to the underneath side of the bridge.  The contractor also sandblasted and painted the underneath side of the bridge.  Cost of the repair was $14,500.00.  

Tom Robbins reported that grounds maintenance had been done on the cul-de-sacs from recommendations given to us from Envirocare Lawn Division.  Many dead or almost dead trees and bushes were pulled.  If new planting are needed or recommended, we would need volunteer help in watering these plantings the first year.  Jeff Long had checked with Black Diamond, in that there are “bags for water” that you can attach to trees and bushes that can be filled weekly, and then the water is slowly dispenses into the ground throughout the week.  Three Meadows would buy the bags & have them installed.  Delbert Vath on Whitehorse Court and Katherine Lonsbrough on Cricket Lane volunteered to assist in this endeavor.  Also Delbert related to the board that the “half dead” pine tree needs to be taken out on Whitehorse Court.  The Board will get estimates and suggestions from Envirocare.  

Other topics discussed regarding the grounds maintenance were:  1)  the contractors of all types that do work in our sub-division do not always clean up after their project is completed.  2)  the brush needs to be trimmed in a more timely manner along the creek  3)  various street signs  like “wrong way” & “one way” are leaning and need to be straightened  4)  the board fences have broken boards that need to be fixed and 5)  several mailboxes are in complete ruin.  Matthew Sutter suggested that the office send letter to resident to have mailbox fixed in 30 days or the Association will fix and send the resident the bill.   In response:  1)   Joyce Williams will call the City of Perrysburg regarding contractors cleaning up after their projects.  2)  We will do the trimming along the creek in a more timely manner.  3)  Some of the signs that are leaning are located in the boulevard, which does have a small stream of water running in the middle and therefore, the ground around some of the signs gets very soft, which causes the problem.  4)  The board fences will be repaired before painting is done.  Also if you notice street signs down or boards broken, please call the office and report it.  We try to drive the neighborhood often, but do not always find any problems.  5)  Joyce Williams will check with the attorney as to whether we can request the mailbox be repaired by the resident or the Association will repair and bill the resident.  Also the legality of doing work on resident's mailbox when it was not requested.  

The 2016 financial figures for income and expenses was distributed, along with the proposed 2017 budget.  It was noted that the Association kept within the budget very well.  Joyce Williams reported that at the end of 2016 there were only 9 homes and 8 condominiums that had unpaid dues for the year.  Joyce also reported that 6 Liens have been filed on residents for non-payment of dues and late fees.  However, if owner files foreclosure, we usually do not get any funds as the owner owes more to the banks and government taxes than the house sells for.    Lisa Hoverson moved, seconded  by Deb Smith that the 2017 budget be accepted as presented.  Motion carried.


Tom Berkebile reported that the creek is fairly clean at this time.


The garage sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 20th from 9 -3.  We will advertise in The Perrysburg Messenger Journal, The Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune, & the Toledo Blade.  Jake Grover will again place sign at the various intersections to direct the public to the garage sales.  Please call the office or email by Thursday, May 18th to be included in the listing of residents participating in the sale.


Tom Robbins announced that the Annual Association dues for 2017 will remain the same as last year:  homes @ $70.00;  Condominiums @ $43.75;  and Apartments @ $27.50 . 


Under old business:  We are going to paint the board fences and part of the City owned bridge at White Rd/Oak Knoll and replace the metal “No Parking “ sign posts in cul-de-sacs.  However, the number of “no parking” signs must stay the same as the City has installed.


New Business/ same old business:  Trash and Recycle toters are to be stored inside garages or at least totally hidden from street view and mailboxes are to be in good repair.    If you see a street sign or no parking sign down, please call the office and report it. 


Being no further business, Bob Turain moved to adjourn,  seconded by Sylvia Hiris.  Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Joyce Williams, Office Manager

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