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Listed below are the basic restrictions of the Three Meadows Subdivision Association.  These restrictions are legally enforceable and MUST be followed as stated.  The official court document is filed at the Wood County Courthouse in Bowling Green and should be attached to your deed.

                     Any work that will change the appearance of your home (such as color of home or roof) must be approved by the Board of Trustees before work can begin.  Other examples include, but are not limited to:  decks, gazebos, screened porches, fences, swimming pools, satellite dish, playhouse structures, removal of trees, and other additions or changes.  When in doubt, please contact the office.

                     STORAGE OF ANY VEHICLE IS FORBIDDEN.  This includes the placement of boats, campers, autos, trucks, motor homes, trailers, tents, etc. for more than 24 hours.  If you are in need of accommodations for longer than a 24 hour period, we recommend that you utilize one of the nearby storage facilities.

                     No tree which has a circumference greater than twenty-four (24) inches and two (2) feet above the ground level shall be cut or removed unless approved by the Board of Trustees.

                     Trash & Recycle Toters & garbage containers must be stored entirely within the garage. 

                     No fence shall be permitted in the front yards.  No fence shall exceed forty-two (42) inches in height and should be of the split rail wood type.  Plastic, vinyl & chain link fences are not permitted.

                     All driveways shall be surfaced with a material that is black in color.

                     MAILBOXES must have the wood logo box built around your metal mailbox and be kept decent and in good repair.

In addition, please be aware of the following:

                     The City of Perrysburg provides a curbside brush collection in the spring only.  This is not a yard waste or leaf collection.  Dates will be posted in the Perrysburg Messenger Journal and on the city's website.

                     Do not place leaves, brush, or debris on the cul-de-sacs during grass mowing season.  Doing so has resulted in additional expense when our lawn service removed the debris that has been periodically dumped in the cul-de-sacs.  The city does not remove the debris, so please research your options for disposing of leaves, brush, and debris.

                     DO NOT DUMP ANYTHING IN OR ALONG THE CREEK.  No lawn clippings, leaves,  tires, etc. are to be dumped in the creek or along the creek bank.  DUMPING IS ILLEGAL and persons found dumping will be prosecuted.  If you see someone dumping debris in or along the creek, please contact the Perrysburg Police Division at 419-872-8001 (non emergency #)

                     THE CREEK IS OFF-LIMITS TO CHILDREN.  No play bridges or forts are to be built in or near the creek. 


When in doubt, please call the office at 419-874-7644 or send us an email at:   

For more information regarding city services and ordinances, call 419-872-8020 or visit:

                                                            (revised 4/1/2016)