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The Three Meadows Subdivision Association maintains a walking path along Grassy Creek.  The path can be accessed between 800 and 808 Oak Knoll (near the intersection of Oak Knoll Dr and Applewood Dr).  The sidewalk leads back along Grassy Creek and one leg ends near 690 Oak Knoll Dr (near the intersection of Oak Knoll and Bexley Dr) and covers a distance of roughly 0.4 miles roundtrip.  The other leg of the path travels over a bridge and ends at Whitehorse Court (roughly 0.2 miles roundtrip back to the bridge). 


We also maintain a second path that starts between 935 and 937 Bexley Dr. (at the intersection of Bexley and Applewood Dr).  After about a hundred feet or so, the path goes both right and left.  If you choose the left leg, it will take you out to Three Meadows Drive via Kingsview Dr. (bordering the Meadowlands condo entrance) and covers roughly 0.2 miles roundtrip.  The right leg allows you to traverse behind the Meadowlands condos and ends at Meadowpond Dr for a roughly 0.3 mile walk.  There is also one additional subsection of the right leg of this path that allows you to exit between 892 and 894 Apple Creek Dr (near the corner of Apple Creek and Bexley Dr).



Other walks you may want to consider          (distance one way)

Oak Knoll Dr (with cul-de-sac)                           0.8 miles

Three Meadows Dr (with cul-de-sac)                1.0 miles

Bexley Dr to East Boundary                              0.7 miles

Apple Creek Dr and Cricket Lane                      0.3 miles

Brookfield Lane                                                   0.1 miles

Mill Rd (roundtrip)                                                0.3 miles

Sandalwood West/East and Bridgeton Lane    0.7 miles